Rock Diva

01. Feel Like Making Love
02. You’re The Voice
03. Since You’ve Been Gone
04. More Than a Feeling
05. Here I Go Again
06. Owner of a Lonely Heart
07. The Air That I Breathe
08. Hold The Line
09. One Day Like This
10. Life on Mars
11. God Gave Rock and Roll To You

Produced, Arranged, Recorded and mixed by Ben Robbins.
Recorded at Dean St studios.

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Beloved Symphony

01. The Legend Of Fingal
02. Immortal Beloved
03. Arioso (Because Of You)
04 Swan Song
05. Keep Me In Your Heart
06. One Day Like This
07. I Surrender
08. La Dolce Sinfonia
09. Gratias Agimus Tibi
10. Hodie Christus Natus Est
11. Curve Of The Earth

Recorded at Dean St Studios, London
Orchestral Arrangements by Ben Robbins
Vocal Arrangements by Ben Robbins & Elysium III
Produced, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Ben Robbins

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